As a Registered Dietitian, Yoga Teacher and Personal Trainer I'm passionate, I've got a bubbly contagious energy, and I am committed to helping you achieve uptime health.  In my practice, I focuses on the power of "5": Diet and Nutrition (our foundation), Fitness and Activity, Sleep and Stress, Work / Life Balance, Friends/Family and Social Relationships. Whichever your goals are, whether it be weight loss, body composition changes, controlling medical conditions, reducing risk factors for chronic disease, alleviating GI distress/understanding allergies/intolerance or achieving optimal energy and vitality - we will reach your goals together! 


  • Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (ACEND) 2015 - current
  • Licensed Dietitian in the State of Ohio, 2015- current
  • B.S. Human, Nutrition, Foods and Exercise, Virginia Tech University (2008-2013)
  • Dietetic Internship ACEND, Ingalls Memorial Hospital – Chicago, IL (2014)
  • WellCoaches, Individual and Group Coaching Certificate (2016)
  • Certified Personal Trainer (American Council Exercise), 2009-current
  • 200 Hour Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher, Vinyasa Hatha School – Rishikeshi, India (2015)
  • 200 Hour Certified Yoga Alliance Teacher, The Yoga Center of Seattle (2013)
  • YogaFit, Level 1 (2010)
  • CPR/First Aid and AED Certified, American Heart Association (2009-Current)
  • Academy of Dietetics, Registered Dietitian member (2010-current)


  • Dedicated to educating clients to achieve optimal performance and life balance via good nutrition, physical activity and sleep/stress management.
  • Passionate in the field of nutrition and dietetics in using evidence based medicine and a whole body individualized approach to improving health.
  • Enthusiastic in getting back to basics of integrating whole, plant-based foods into our modern day society’s eating patterns

Experience - Current/Past Work

  • Nutrition consultations, group workshops and cooking demonstrations through Kristen DeAngelis Wellness, LLC
  • Registered Dietitian at Mission 5 Fitness (current)
  • Clinical Dietitian at TriHealth Pavillion and Tri-Health Women’s Center (Current)
  • Weight Loss Classes, Cooking Demonstrations at TriHealth Pavilion (Current)
  • Personal Nutritionist, Trainer, and Executive Assistant to Chairman and CEO, Joe Cross from the hit documentary,  Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead at Reboot With Joe (2014, 2015)
  • Reboot Nutritionist, Reboot With Joe
  • Wellness Consultant at Shea Training Systems, Reboot with Joe, Juicing Radio, Wellness Guides
  • Nutrition Blogger and Dietitian at Reboot With Joe and Shea Training Systems
  • Group Fitness Trainer – Bootcamp, Strength, Cycle/Spin and Pilates (2009 through 2016, various locations)
  • Yoga Instructor (Chicago, Cincinnati, Virginia) - Currently at The Yoga Bars Cincinnati OH
  • Flying Pig Marathoner, adrenaline junkie, skiier, runner, hiker


What People are saying about Kristen...

Working with Kristen has changed the way I live my life by making much better food choices and setting attainable goals to become a much healthier person. Kristen is so excited about what she does and that motivates me even more! - Kathy D, 1/26/2017


Kristen has been awesome to work with as I make changes to my normal way of eating. I have struggled for over 30 years with my weight. I topped out at 336lbs a few months ago. Kristen is helping me to make changes in a way that works best for me. She understands that nutrition is not a one size fits all part of our lives. I would recommend her to any of my family and friends. My doctor is very happy with the results and has even asked for her information. When I am frustrated and having trouble changing long-standing habits, Kristen is there supporting me all the way. Kristen is a kind spirit. If you are obese like me and worried about seeing a dietitian because you are afraid you'll be judged, then have no fear! Kristen is here! I can't say enough good things about her work with me and helping me get to my goals, both large and small. - Kathy F, 2/10/2017


On October 30th, 2016, my doctor’s office gave me my blood test results.  My A1c (diabetes test) was 6.3.  I asked what that meant.  I was told the following (Less than 5.6 is totally normal, non-diabetic, 5.7 - 6.3 is pre-diabetic, Greater than 6.4 is diabetic) I was told to follow up with my doctor in 6 months, and I made my appointment.  No advice, no instructions, no medications.  See you in 6 months. Yikes!!!!  After a brief freak-out I gathered my senses and thought “how much more damage is going to happen in 6 months!?!  What am I going to do?!?”  I know a little about diabetes, but not enough.  I knew the doctor would want me to do some sort of diabetes education, lose weight, increase my activity, eat right…etc.  But where do I start?  When do I start? How do I start?  I can’t wait 6 months!!!  The logical place for me to start was getting control of my eating, and thus my sugar.  I could not let it get worse.  Eating right means what?  How do I do this?  Why me?!  You have to understand, all these thoughts are rushing through my head in a frenzy.  I was overwhelmed, frustrated, angry, scared, and under-educated.  I wanted to cry!  My life had taken a huge turn, and I wasn’t happy with the new view. I had to take control, get control, and keep control.  OH!  I’ll ask a dietician, a nutrition specialist, someone who could give me some guidelines.  So I called and made an appointment with Kristen.  Honestly, I wasn’t looking forward to the changes I needed to make.  But when I sat down with her, she gave me a lot of information all at once, but made it easy to understand.  (Deep breath.  I can do this.)  Kristen made me realize that with some changes in the way I eat, not just what I eat, all of the things would start to fall in place.  She gave me guidelines, knowledge, and empowerment.  It was the first time since hearing my results that I actually felt like I could do something about my health.  It was the first and most important step on my new journey.  The view started to change.  I followed the guidelines using the handouts Kristen gave me.  That was pretty easy, and it just keeps getting easier.  My sugar cravings and my carb cravings basically went away in about a week.  Wow, my daily sugar levels are really improving!  I grocery shop with Kristen’s paperwork in my hand.  It keeps me from buying the less healthy items.  I started walking.  Every day.  Not far, and not fast.  Just walking.  I now try to walk a mile every day, but if I don’t do it, I don’t beat myself up.  I just try again tomorrow.  I can go out to eat with my friends now.  I know what the better options are, and howthey will affect my sugar.  I log everything I eat.  If I have a bad sugar day, I know why.  I just try again tomorrow.  If I have a great sugar day, which is happening very often, I know why.  I log my activity.  Walking, housecleaning, gardening, everything counts!  

3/28/17:  And now for the biggest news: I have lost 50 pounds in just over 4 months and still going strong! My A1c test is now 5.7 (barely pre-diabetic) and that was tested just 3 months after starting the better way of eating. I’m doing it!  You can too!

Thank you Kristen!  - Beth Bussen