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In an effort to encourage the discussion of holistic wellness, tips and tricks to achieve a healthy lifestyle, checkout the podcasts I have talked on!

Fitness Candor Podcast.  I LOVED the conversations on this podcast -  Eric is the owner of Eric Feigl Personal Training located in Cincinnati, OH and has a wealth of knowledge and some great leaders in the field.  We have been doing quite a few podcasts on nutrition, holistic health, and making changes in your life. Eric's got a ton of great content but click on the podcasts for especially juicy content with your truly! =)


Juicing Radio Podcast Episoder 180: Juicing Tips and Secrets from Joe Cross’s former nutritionist, Kristen DeAngelis, RD, LDN.  Discuss how to transition in and off a Juice Fast as well as how to purchase and make Juices/smoothies for the "friend new to juicing".

Clarity Juice Interviews with Sydney Peyser founder of Clarity Juice in Saratoga, NY


Sydney ask Kristen from the dietitians perspective "What are the more impressive results from drinking juice?"

The one question we're always asked " What's the difference between natural sugar and added sugar?"

Sydney asks on the nutritional perspective "Whats the difference between juices and smoothies?"

The big question "What's better, making or buying a juice?"

Organic or Conventional Produce? What is the difference, benefits and how to afford? 

5 Ingredients, easy to make and SO delicious! One of my favorite breakfast go to!

Kale? Quinoa?  Learn how to make an easy and delicious salad!