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As a Dietitian, I work with multiple companies and groups to provide meal planning services, nutrition guidance, social media for nutrition and health and more.  Checkout the following for some of my work.  Checkout some of the Content I manage or have created to make your life EASIER!

FREE Meal Planning Service - SIMPLEMEALS. Looking for a weekly dinner meal plan that integrates parts of your meals throughout the week to save time?  Get time saving tips, shopping lists, and healthy delicious meals weekly all complete with various meal plan options, allergy filters, and complete nutritional information! I develop these weekly meal plans, writing them all out keeping YOU in mind! This newly developed Dinner Meal Planning Service is a FREE and you can signup here: 

Athlete Nutrition Tips on Shea Training social media pages: and Working as the Dietitian with Brendan, owner of Shea Training Systems for the past 2+ years, I help to build the nutrition programming for their student athletes and families. Follow our social media page as this is where I post tons of great tips for athletes and families re nutrition.

Reboot With Joe, Guided Reboot Coach.  Join a Guided-Reboot with Reboot With Joe.  I lead Guided Reboots through Reboot With Joe every month or so (sometimes every other month), so inquiry on my contact page if you are interested in a Reboot but don't see my name leading one in the line-up for the next month! A Guided Reboot, is consuming only 100% Fruits + Vegetables for a finite period of time to help you reset your habits and behaviors and literally "reboot" your system for health. 

A Meal Plan and Recipe Book for Juicing + Plant-Based Eating Jumpstart.  Upon working as Joe Cross, filmmaker and star of the documentary, Fat Sick and Nearly Dead and also as work as a Guided Reboot Coach, I found there was a gap missing - what to do after a reboot, after a juice fast or a "cleanse".  This is where I have created The What Juicers Eat (WJE) recipe book and Meal Plan to help you learn some easy and tasty recipes that are expertly designed for transitioning off of a fast, prepping yourself to go on a fast or just taking a plant based diet for a spin.  This meal plan will guide you and hold your hand and walk you through the transition into a whole, plant-based diet step by step! You will get the perfect toolkit to help you lose weight and gain confidence in the kitchen! Learn more HERE.


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