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Healing Through Nutrition & Supplemental Herbs/Remedies

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Healing Through Nutrition & Supplemental Herbs/Remedies...

As a Registered Dietitian, I always go back to the famous quote “Let Food be Thy Medicine and Let Medicine by Thy Food”.  We must look at the wholesome ingredients we put into our bodies and on our skin as having the ability to bring us balance, vitality and a thriving happy life, or one that might unfortunately go the opposite way.  

In my practice as an Integrative and Functional Practitioner, I use food as the ground work and foundation to our overall hormone, blood sugar, mood, weight, and energy imbalances.  However, in some cases, where an individual needs additional support, this is where complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) might treat some of those additional pieces of the puzzle in a therapeutic way.  If these practices still need additional support, only THEN do we reach for the pills or medications (which is what Eastern Medicine does well, but often goes immediately to those solution instead of addressing the root cause of the problem).  

For those looking for additional support, supplements can provide additional therapeutic benefit in a personalized manner.  However, most over the counter products are often contain fillers, pesticides and harmful chemicals.  The FDA does not regulate herbal supplements the same way it does food and drugs so you have to be REALLY careful with what you are getting.  Read the labels, and try to only purchase products that are made in the US or Europe and to find from a reputable source. 

With all the stress of what/how much/where to purchase your vitamins/supplements, I’ve done the work for you and Wellevate provides only the most TRUSTED brands on the market of highest quality standards created for certified practicers and their patients.  

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